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Big News!

If your name is below then it is listed in the current Record Holders Republic record book “Believe the Unbelievable”.  The book was just released and can be purchased from the following link. How cool!

World record holders for the 100K open water swimming relay 37 hours 6min set 9/14/08

Mike Marino, Tom Noonan, Skip Yonchik, Andrea Ugazio, Fred Ehmke, Rick Stafford, Mark Weeks, John Keen, Larry Peck, Scott Neumann, Mel Nash, Curtis Wagner, Kevin Anderson, Ben Ohe, Christopher Ohe, George Mann, Walter Caldwell, Tom Knapp, Bruce Atlee, Walter Diloreto, Chris Gaw, Cleve Cooney, Chris Bolfing, David Tattersall, Trung Lively, Frank Wan, Mike Koenig, Chuck Tanner, Jerry Krannebitter, Chris Scott, Hector Torres, James Hunter, Michael Napoli, Mark Myers, Gene Augustin, Joe Moletteire, Joe Furstace, Mark Dickie, Danny Ellis, Rolando Davis, Chris Iselin, Carlos Figueiredo, Justin Soto, Sean McCormack, Roy McConnell, John Meisenheimer, Lucky Meisenheimer, Alan Lawson, Michael Rogers, Jake Meisenheimer.

Yuko Matsuzaki is also listed for her 83 Kilometer open water swim

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Lucky’s Lake Swim “Enter the Food Chain”

Digger gets his 25K cap!

Digger becomes the first dog to get his 25K cap.  He is on his way to get in the 100K club.  If digger can do it so can you!

Lucky's Lake Swim collides with the art word. 

Click on the image to the left to see local artist Thomas Thorspecken's water color of the lake swim. Please leave comments and invite the artist to join us for a swim next time.


Southwest Orlando Bulletin - Sept. 2 - Sept. 15, 2010
Southwest resident John "Lucky" Meisenheimer, M.D., founder of Lucky's Lake Swim , aka the Aquatica 1K swim, pledged to donate $10000 to YMCA Aquatic ...


Rolo Saves another Marriage

We don't know what it is with Lucky'sLakeSwim, but wives are going crazy when there husbands return wet, tired and minus their wedding rings.  Fortunately we have a master treasure hunter in the midst of our 100K club Ron (Rolo) Davis.  He has come to the rescue again for the second time finding Scott Meltzer's gold wedding band.  This is the second wedding band find for Rolo here at the lake swim in less than two months.  Three cheers for Rolo! and Scott owes him a beer.

July 31st Brud and Apryle (Most Wanted List) both make the swim and $2000.00 goes to the YMCA Aquatic Center's Scholarship Fun and $400 to the Lake Cane Preservation Society.

Congratulations to Seth Elsheimer and and Lorri Moyer our Latest members to be inducted into the 100K Club.  Check out their bios!

Ron Davis is a SUPERHERO! When Jeff Becker lost his wedding ring (the start of his 100th crossing no less) he feared for his life.  If he returned home without it his wife would kill him.  Enter Ron Davis guardian saint of men who have lost wedding rings. One of the best treasure hunters in the country Ron pulled out his trusty waterproof metal detector  and found the problem.  Yet another life saved.

Photos of the exciting event as they happened.

1.Ron looking for ring.

2. Ron finding wrong gold ring on Tom Welsh's hand.  This is to be expected as Ron has received his 200th crossing shirt twice.

3.Ring found and a very happy Jeff Becker (don't tell his wife this happened)

4. The ring and other valuables found by Ron on the lake bottom.

News: Sports
Swimmer achieves wins, recognition despite challenges

By Sara Drumm

Gregg Dedic recently completed his 100th 1K crossing at Lucky's Lake Swim. Dedic (center) is pictured with Dr. Lucky Mesienheimer, YMCA Aquatic Center board chairman and Special Olympics coach, and Rowdy Gaines, triple Olympic Gold medalist, NBC Olympic Sportscaster and YMCA Aquatic Center board member

.July 3rd (Sat.)Midnight swim. Movie starts at 9:45 PM.  We will be swimming at 7:45AM Saturday morning as well and we will also swim at 7:45 AM on Sunday July 4th.

New record 5/15/10  235 swimmers!!!  Ten most wanted list has been posted for 2010 check it out here and help us get the most wanted to complete the swim (The most wanted swim raised $18000.00 for the YMCA Scholarship fund last year. Southwest resident John "Lucky" Meisenheimer, M.D., founder of Lucky's Lake Swim, aka the Aquatica 1K swim, pledged to donate $10,000 to YMCA Aquatic Center's Scholarship Fund and $2,000 to the Lake Cane Preservation Society once the Florida residents listed on his 2010 "wanted poster" complete the lake swim that kicks off in his backyard. Meisenheimer's 2009 list raised $18,000 for the YMCA scholarship fund.

Southwest Orlando Bulletin - July 15 - August 4, 2010
Southwest resident John "Lucky" Meisenheimer, M.D., founder of Lucky's Lake Swim , aka the Aquatica 1K swim, pledged to donate $10000 to YMCA Aquatic ...

After YMCA Aquatic Center Executive Director Steve Corrie (left) completes Lucky’s Lake Swim, John “Lucky” Meisenheimer, M.D., of Southwest donates $1,000 to YMCA Aquatic Center’s Scholarship Fund.

Congrats to Steve Corrie the 1st most wanted swimmer to step up this year.

Nice video of Jack's Lake swim on Growing Bolder check it out many Lucky's Lake swimmers participated.

100Triathlons: Lucky's Lake Swim
By Jack
I finally got out to the Lucky's Lake Swim on Lake Cane by Universal Studios. I heard about this last year but never got a chance to go. Dr. Lucky Meisenheimer generously opens his home and lake up to anyone who want to swim. ..

Entering the Food Chain: My First Open Water Swim « MegaNerdRuns
By MegaNerd
Next Saturday's triathlon is only a 750m swim, so I should be good to complete that distance with no problem. Right? :D. One of the cool things about the Lucky's Lake swim, is that upon completing the swim, you get to sign the wall! ...

Lucky's Lake Swim » Connie Rollins Photography Blog
I survived Lucky's Lake swim! Posted in Personal. I have a goal of participating in a Triathlon. So, I have been busy swimming, biking, and running. ...

Southwest Orlando Bulletin - June 17 - June 30, 2010
Special Olympian Gregg Dedic; Southwest resident John “Lucky” Meisenheimer, M.D. ; and Meisenheimer's son, John, win their respective age divisions at the 1K ...

Rowdy Gaines 3x Olympic Gold Medallist and NBC Olympic Sportscaster joined us on June 12th 2010.

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Blanchard Park Y Tri Club: Swimming & Bike Notes
By bpytri
Congrats to the 29 teammates who swam at Lucky's Lake Swim yesterday! We had 10 people sign Lucky's Wall of Fame: Hilary, Beckie, Josh, Breezy, Migi, Kim, Rachael, Tabitha, Baley, and Connie. And for three of them, Migi, Kim, ...
Blanchard Park Y Tri Club -

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Swim + Run running, eating, & living in the real world#
By Meghann
We started with a 1km swim at Lucky's Lake (which was packed!) DSCF6317.JPG. And ended with a 4 mile run. DSCF6322.JPG DSCF6323.JPG. Basically we rock. ;). Before the brick work out I fueled up with a delicious bowl of cereal. IMG_8403. ...
running, eating, & living in... -

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waringis | Tag archive for Lucky's Lake Swim
Tag archive for 'Lucky's Lake Swim' ... Who he is: Dermatologist, Philanthropist , Guinness Book of World Record Holder, Author, Movie Star and Swim ...

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Aquatic Adventures running, eating, & living in the real world
By Meghann
My sprint triathlon is bright and early tomorrow morning and I wanted to get one last open water swim in before the big day. My one goal for tomorrow is to not be the last one out of the water again. Hopefully these open water training ... Two weeks ago my cousin's wife Candice joined me at Lucky Lake and had been raving about it ever since. She met me at the lake at 7:45 this morning ready to do it all over again. DSCF6184.JPG. Lucky gave his traditional “please try not ...
running, eating, & living in... -

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Trimommy and Sons: Adventures in Orlando - Wellsphere
A sunrise swim at Lucky's Lake Swim . Lucky has a beautiful home right on this lake, and opens his property up 6 mornings a week for anyone who wants to ...

New record 5/15/10  235 swimmers!!!  Ten most wanted list has been posted for 2010 check it out here and help us get the most wanted to complete the swim (The most wanted swim raised $18000.00 for the YMCA Scholarship fund last year.

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Blanchard Park Y Tri Club: Lucky's Lake Swim
Today around 16 BPY tri club members showed up at Lucky's Lake. For many it was their first time swimming at Lucky's. For some their first time swimming in ...


Blue Dolfins : Lucky's Lake Swim Video
On April 17, the Blue Dolfins went to Lucky's Lake Swim and broke the record for is a clip... PowerBy TeamUnify. © Copyright 2010. ...

Lucky's Lake Swim running, eating, & living in the real world
By Meghann
Last March Kelly and I attempted Lucky's Lake Swim the week before what was suppose to be our first triathlon. Unfortunately, Kelly had her accident a couple of days later and was unable to perform in the tri. :( ...
running, eating, & living in... -

4/17/10 New record today at Lucky's Lake Swim ...210...breaking the old record of 202 set last year when Rowdy did his first swim in the lake.  Thanks for coming out and joining us Blue Dolphins!  Congratulations to Lucky and Larry Peck both Lake Cane swimmers. Lucky won his age group in the Miami Mile and Larry finished second in his age group, but second ain't to shabby when the person beating you is three time Olympian Gary Hall Sr.

Ever Have Swim Practice in a Lake? Swimmer Joe's Blog
By swimmerjoe
Lucky's Lake Swim this Saturday! April 17th at 7:45 am — Please show up no later 7:15 sharp and bring a water bottle. Dolfins: ONLY GROUPS Silver B and above (Senior, Gold, Silver A & B) can attend. There will be Silver C practice at ...
Swimmer Joe's Blog -

wanter swimmers

Sept. 19th we "captured" four of Lucky's 10 most wanted.  Thanks to Harris Rosen,Dr. Jack Beattie, Mark Nation, and Bud Seaman.  We raised $8000.00 through these four swimmers for the YMCA Aquatic Center and $800 for the Lake Cane Restoration Society.






9/19/09 We have four of  Lucky’s10 most wantedattending Lucky’s Lake swim this Saturday Sept. 19th.  Lucky is donating $1000 to the YMCA Aquatic Center and $200 to the Lake Cane Restoration Society for each swimmer on the most wanted list to complete the swim this year.  We also had an anonymous donor at the YMCA Aquatic Center match Lucky’s donation so a total of $8000 will be raised.  Come swim with some of the most wanted this Saturday at 7:45 AM.  Confirmed most wanted are Harris Rosen (local hotelier and philanthropist) Mark Nation (Owner of the Nation Law Firm and Host of the syndicated radio talk show Justice for All) Dr. Jack Beattie (Local legendary Master Swimmer and long time host of Jack and Ernestine’s annual Lake Swim and pancake breakfast) Bud Seaman (Former World Record holding masters swimmer and owner of Bud’s Ultimate Fitness)


rogerCongratulations and thanks to Roger Hernandez who was one of our 10 most wanted.  Roger raised $2000.00 for the YMCA scholarship fund with his swim. Many thanks to the Johnny Damon foundation for matching the original thousand-dollar donation.  Roger is a city of Orlando Firefighter and paramedic and he is a volunteer board member of the City of Orlando's Firefighter's Museum. Threedown of the 10 most wanted, please help us capture the other seven.


August 2009    

Check out this link to the Growing Bolder TV Show "The Lucky Show". It's mostly about the lake swim with some fun yo-yo stuff as well. If you watch the show please write a comment on the Growing Bolder web site.

July 2009         Mark Middleton has posted the "Jaws/midnight swim" video on Growing Bolder click here to watch.  The Growing Bolder TV show will  have a special feature on Lucky and the Lake swims.  Be sure to set your Tivos for July 26 at 11:30AM on WMFE-TV (PBS)midnight swim patch


July 2009 We had 92 swimmers complete the midnight swim after watching the movie Jaws. Amazing what folks will do for a cool patch.  Yes we are doing the swim next year!  The movie will be "Lake Placid". Congratulations to Jerry K.  for finishing his 500th crossing he has earned his silver racing cap.  We are also now above 500 for first time swimmers this year.

shark on dock

Just so you guys know I pulled this freshwater shark out of lake cane the morning after the midnight lake swim. I think everyone should take a moment to reflect on the wisdom of midnight swims. I for one am glad this shark is out of the lake. More Photos of the freshwater shark.



June 2009   Congratulations to Mark Dickie our 26th swimmer to become a member of the elite 100K club. Read his bio here 100K Club 


June 2009  We had nearly 200 swimmers on June 13 thanks to the Blue Dolphins joining us. We had 50 new wall signers. Blue Dol fin lake swim video                           


May 2009    Wow!  What a weekend had 58 new wall of Fame signers on May 2nd. We also had 203 swimmers do the swim that day…a new attendance record for us. Congratulations to Rowdy Gaines, three time Olympic Gold medallist for getting his name on the Wall of Fame.  Rowdy is the second of our 10 Most Wanted to complete the swim.  By completing the swim he raised  $1000 for the YMCA Aquatic Center’s Scholarship fund and $200 for the Lake Cane Restoration Society. Check out the video Rowdy does Lucky's Lake Swim by Marc Middleton.




Rowdy showed that he was a super classy guy by taking individual photos with over 100 lake cane swimmers.  For those that took photos with Rowdy they are in, signed, and ready for pickup.


Just so you know Rowdy promotes the Blu Frog energy drink, which sponsors his free swim clinics he holds around the country


April 2009  Marc Middleton did a great video for Growing Bolder TV on the Lake swim.Growing Bolder  




March 2009      The 10 Most Wanted list is posted at the YMCA Aquatic Center  TEN Most Wanted


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