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Lucky's Lake Swim Wall of Fame

Started in 1999 the "Lucky's Lake Swim Wall of Fame" recognizes swimmers that have met the challenge of the Lake Cane one kilometer "enter the food chain" swim. Hundreds completed the swim before '99 but we don't grandfather anyone on the wall.  In addition to your autograph, we list below your name, your one best sporting accomplishment. This accomplishment must rise to a certain standard to get listed.  For example, we list only the Ironman distance for completion of a triathlon.  Lucky color codes anything that goes under your name so he writes it in for you. (Gold-Olympic, Red-Swimming/Triathlon, Blue-Masters Swimming, Green-Other)  If you do have something that should go under your name talk to Lucky. Some have chosen not to list anything citing the best is yet to come.                          

Early Photo of the Wall of FameLucky and wall of fame


FAQs Wall of FAME

1. I did the swim in 1991 can't I sign the wall without swimming again?  No! Only swimmers that have completed the swim after we started the wall of fame in 1999 can sign the wall.

2. Are only locals on the wall?  Over a third of the people are from out of town we have over 40 different countries represented so far.

3. How many names are on the Wall of Fame? Thousands, please feel free to give us an exact count.

4. Do you just have to swim one way or over and back? Over and back. The round trip is about one kilometer if you swim perfectly straight...most don't.

5. Is this a race? No it's a open water swimming cult thing. If you can't figure out why you would want to do this swim then no amount of explanation would make you understand. 

6. Does the one accomplishment under my name have to be swimming? No we have everything from a National Unicycle Champion to Olympic Gymnastics Team member.

7.   Do I have to have an accomplishment under my name? No, Many don't want anything listed and others wish to have one added later which is OK.

8. Do I write my accomplishment under my name when I sign the wall? No you tell Lucky and he writes it for you, we color code the accomplishments. Blue-Masters swimming, Red-Other swimming, Gold-Olympics, Green-Non-Swimming

9. Is there a Fee? No...the best things in life are free.

10. If I use a pull buoy, fins , wet suit etc... can I still sign the wall? Yes

11. Do you sign the wall each time you make the swim? No, just the first time.

12. Why do some names have a halo of yellow around them? They are the esteemed members of the AQUATICA 100 K club.

13. What happens when the wall runs out of space.? We have been signing the ceiling since 2010. (Now known as the Wall & Ceiling of Fame)