Thank you so much for taking the time to vote. It means a lot to me and please remember comemts are not votes you must register for the vote to count.

After you finished could you also click on this email link and put “voted” in the subject area, we have a committee tracking votes, and hopefully, this keeps you from being contacted again.


Many, many thanks,

Lucky Meisenheimer 


Step 1 Click on the Link below.(Think of this as starting down the rabbit hole)

Step 2  Click on voter registration (so far so good, the white rabbit is pleased)

Step 3 Fill out the form  (From this point on ignore any advice from talking caterpillars)

Step 4  The screen below will appear. First click on vote here, then 2017 awards. (Halfway there, time to rehydrate and eat cake but don’t eat the mushrooms)

Step 5  This is the confusing part you have to log in again. So click the login where the red arrow is pointing (Stay focused, avoid the Mad Hatter’s party)

Step 6    Now put in your password and login again. (I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel or is it a weirdly glowing grin of a cat?).

Step 7 Click on 2017 WOWSA awards and scroll down (I know, doesn’t this feel like deja vu)

Step 8 Stop scrolling when you see the big green check mark on the screen below and then click the link next to it (this is getting crazy, I think I hear the Red Queen coming)

Final Step (vote quick before the Queen starts the jury selection)

You should see a message that says thanks for taking our Survey.  (If you have the Queen’s tart you may eat it now)
Many Thanks for voting and if you don’t mind one more task, please leave a comment that “everyone should join Lucky for a lake swim”